Expect Miracles Foundation envisions a day when a cancer diagnosis does not strike abject fear in your heart. In order to reach that day, we must all do our part to advance research to save lives while supporting patients during and after treatment to optimize wellness. For this year’s Thanks for Giving campaign, you may designate how your donation will have an impact by supporting either or both of our mission’s tenets – research and care. Yes, you get to choose one or the other or both! 

Cancer Research – your donation will support the Robert and Renée Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. An integrated research center, the Belfer Center offers the broadest range of research capabilities and platforms - all integrated to drive not only breakthrough science but also innovative cancer drug development.

Patient Care – your donation will support the 2017 Expect Miracles Foundation College Scholarship. The scholarship is intended to help an individual who has been impacted by cancer – either in treatment or remission – to attend a college or university in pursuit of a degree at a 4-year college. 

Past Recipients

2017 – Brianna W.  
2016 – Paul K.  
2015 – Devin D.
2014 – Fernando M. (1994 - 2015)  
 2013 – Monaa L. & James G.  

2012 – Emilyann D.
2011 – Andrew M.

2010 – Tara D.
2009 – Larry T., Judith T.
2008 – Christopher J.
2007 – Tori R.
2006 – Paul L.
2005 – Christopher J.




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