YPEM Spotlight: Max Beimler

YPEM Spotlight: Max Beimler

Expect Miracles Foundation is delighted to have welcomed three new YPEM Vice Presidents this year.


To celebrate, we’ll be spotlighting each new VP with a Q&A series! This week, we’re featuring Max Beimler, Global Associate Product Manager at  Reebok. Read below to hear more about Max's involvement with YPEM and why he’s excited to take on this new role.  

Q: Tell us a little about you—how and when did you get started with YPEM?


I got started with YPEM in the summer of 2017, going into my senior year of college. I lived in the city and was looking for a better way to spend my time outside of my internship and saw a Kan Jam fundraiser for an organization that supported the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. As a former patient and cancer survivor, this was the ultimate volunteer opportunity. After meeting the Expect Miracles team and being welcomed into such a supportive environment, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the future of this organization. 

Q: What does the mission mean to you?

The mission of YPEM resonates with me on a deeply personal level. As a cancer survivor who was diagnosed at 18, I can see parts of my journey in the lives of many of the candidates that we support. I was incredibly lucky to have an amazing support system through family and friends that allowed me to focus on my health and recovery. I want YPEM to be another facet of support for patients who don’t have the privileges that I did. The work that Expect Miracles and Samfund programs do is critical to the individuals that we support. 

Q: What YPEM events are you most looking forward to this year?


I am looking forward to more in-person events and the ability to start to create new events. We have already had some great brainstorms with YPEM members thinking out of the box and coming up with ways to excite our supporters. I also went to my first East Coast Classic last year and had a great time so I am looking forward to going again this year. 

Q: What are your hopes for YPEM this year?

I hope that we can continue to grow the group of attendees for YPEM events. We have added some great leaders to our YPEM board who bring new perspectives and networks. In addition to that, I hope that we can strengthen the long-lasting relationships we have already created in the years of YPEM by going back to more in person events. 

Q: What would you say to someone that's considering donating to or otherwise supporting the Foundation?


I would encourage anyone who is considering donating to learn more about Expect Miracles, Samfund programs, and YPEM. The work that this group does is so important to the success of those fighting cancer. Even my experience with cancer has shed light on only a part each individual battle against cancer. 


You can also look into volunteering with Expect Miracles! The Samfund grant reviews have been so eye-opening. They have left me feeling immensely grateful for the experience I had when battling Leukemia and I highly suggest taking part in these reviews if you are able to!


Q: Last question! Can you tell us a quick fun fact about yourself?


A fun fact about me is that I have 86 pairs of shoes...and the number keeps growing!


Interested in joining YPEM? Click here to learn more or email Lauren Beimler at lbeimler@expectmriaclesfoundation.org 

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