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2017 MMLC Funding Award Application 
Opening January 2017 

Application Process:

Please email Maggie Nokes at mnokes@expectmiraclesfoundation.org to receive an email notification when the 2017 application is available. 


Funding Award Considerations: 

The MMLC aims to identify and aid innovative organizations and programs that have the passion and potential to make a difference, but lack the resources. The MMLC Program is NOT designed to assist in funding large institutional/national/society entities, but rather local, grassroots, community organizations that are in a period of growth. The MMLC supports organizations where the funding award has the ability to materially impact an organization or program. The maximum Funding Award per year for an organization is $10,000. The MMLC typically funds between 3 and 5 organizations per year. 


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